Chief Deputy Field Person Position opening in the Supervisor of Assessment’s Office of Jersey County.

Responsibilities for Full-Time Deputy Field Person:

  1. Experience or ability to learn mass appraisal techniques.  State sponsored or State approved courses in assessment practices will be offered and taken by employee each year.  Will require some aptitude of math knowledge and logical thinking.
  2. Promptness regarding work hours as tardiness in a small office imposes upon rest of staff.
  3. Multi-task and cooperative employee required. Interruptions are plentiful in our office and the new employee may have to put their concentration on hold as taxpayers, realtors, appraisers or title companies come in or call on the phone.  It is an interruption to all our personnel and can confuse the task that you are working with.  You may get interrupted a half a dozen times before you can finish one minor task.  However, you must maintain a degree of professionalism and courtesy at all times.
  4. Sharing of responsibility means taking turns to answer the phone or wait on the counter. No one will be counting but we need team players who will step up and assist our other staff.
  5. Listening to taxpayer’s complaints is a key for everyone in our office. You may know the answer and you may know that the taxpayer is misinformed.  However, please let them vent in a non-hostile manner and then be able to meticulously explain to them the facts.  If you don’t know the facts, and none of us do all the time, then refer them to another staff person or we’ll have to get back to them.
  6. General software excel and spreadsheet programs, Geographic Information System (GIS) ESRI software programs, and Devnet tax software program.
  7. Required to know or to learn to draw and read legal descriptions.


 Please submit application to the Jersey County Assessment Office by January 6, 2023.  Application can be found on the Jersey County website under County Board (