A law enacted by the Illinois Legislature last year will require a mailing to all active registered voters regarding voting by mail ahead of the November 8th General Election. Jersey County Clerk Pam Warford has announced what this will mean for Jersey County voters.

All active registered voters in Jersey County will be mailed an “Application for Vote-by-Mail or Permanent Vote-by-Mail” about 90 days before the election, or around August 9th. This new application will offer an opportunity to request a Vote by Mail ballot for the November 8th, 2022 General Election, or to be added to a new Permanent Vote by Mail List. If a voter indicates they wish to be added to this list, they will automatically have the opportunity to vote by mail in all future elections unless they move or request to be removed from the list. “There are people who find it difficult to vote in person for a variety of reasons,” Warford noted. “The Permanent Vote by Mail List could be particularly helpful for those individuals.”

Warford stressed that this mailing will NOT include a ballot, only an application. “No one will receive a ballot by mail unless they personally apply for one by signing and returning the application,” she stated.

“If you receive an application, or anything from our office, in the mail for someone who does not reside at your address, please notify our office immediately,” Warford said. “It is a daily endeavor to maintain an accurate list of 15,000 registered voters. We take this duty very seriously, but we can’t act on something we don’t know. Don’t just complain to your neighbors or on social media – reach out to our office if there is an error!”

If you request a Vote by Mail ballot, it will come with instructions and special return envelopes. The voted ballot may be returned by mail, or delivered personally by the voter or someone authorized by the voter. Personal delivery can be made in the office or through the secure Ballot Drop located on the east side of the Government Building.  If mailed, the ballot must be postmarked no later than November 8th or it will not be counted. Return postage will be required.  If delivered to the County Clerk’s Office, the ballot must be received by 7:00 PM on Election Day to be counted.

For more information about voting in Jersey County, please contact the County Clerk’s Office by phone at 618-498-5571 Option 6,  or by email at [email protected]